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Sponsored Family Program


The Sponsored Family Program of The Family Center of Hope is based on the premise that everyone deserves to receive supports/services that are:

  • The least restrictive
  • Designed to meet their physical and emotional needsSponsored Residential Family Program
  • Provides support and supervision, protection and guidance
  • Family focused, community based, nurturing environment

The Sponsored Family Program focuses on providing the most normalized, stable, consistent environment to support an individual in the program by building competencies and strengths.

We believe each individual should be able to learn to live as independently and as self-sufficiently as possible.

Our philosophy:

The Family Center of Hope's philosophy is that support/services must be an integrated team approach that are consumer centered, family focused, strength based, and culturally competent with the focus on long term relationships.
The Family Center of Hope believes each appropriate family connection/relationship must be nurtured, developed and maintained, in addition to any kinship or fictive kinship ties. Everyone deserves an ongoing family relationship on as permanent basis as possible


This program is for:

  • Individuals over the age of 18 with an intellectual disability (MR/ID), who desires the opportunity to live in a stable and loving home in the community instead of a congregated, residential program
  • Meet the eligibility criteria for residential care and are on the Medicaid waiver

The Sponsored Family Program offers:

  • General 24 hour care and supervision (i.e. routine bed checks and oversight of leisure activities)
  • Skill building related to personal care and use of community resources
  • Supports the individual in developing a circle of friends, handling social encounters and redirecting challenging behaviors
  • Safety supports to ensure the individual’s health and safety
  • Transportation as needed to and from training sites and community resources

Sponsor families willing to welcome individuals into their home and family must:

  • Be at least 24 years of age
  • Pass background checks
  • Meet home study requirements
  • Be financially stable
Have at least one year of experience in the care, training, and development of intellectually disabled (MR/ID), developmentally disabled, or physically challenged individuals, including supporting and working with individuals to enhance their strengths, functional skills, to help

Services provided by TFC, Inc. includes:

  • 24-7 Crisis Intervention
  • On-going Supervision and Support
  • Intensive Pre-Service Training
  • Monthly Continuing Education and Support Meetings