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Choosing the Right Child For You

…one of the scariest, toughest, stressful, most wonderful, and exciting decisions you’ll ever make!

In all adoptions there are questions that you, as the adoptive parents, have to ask yourselves.  We have outlined some of these questions for you.  There are no right or wrong answers; only what works for you.  The Family Center of Hope’s staff will work with you to help guide you through this often confusing world of adoption so that you can create and nurture the family that is right for you.

First, look into your hearts, and your minds…  What kind of adoption would be best for you?  Would your prefer to be actively involved with the people with whom you are crafting an adoption plan, or would you feel more comfortable having the agency make some decisions for you?  Do you feel strongly moved to bring a child into your home from a country where she or he might have a slim possibility for a good life?  Do you want a child as young as possible or do you want an older child who has a different set of needs?  Do you feel you have the right home for a child who has struggled through years without a permanent family?  Could you provide a home for a child with special needs?  How many children do you feel prepared to parent?

More questions?  We are available to guide you through these and many others concerns and issues.  The critical decision whether or not to parent a particular child is yours, and yours only.  We do not make you feel rushed with your decision or make you feel pressure to take any placement that crosses your path.  Each family must make an appropriate choice for what will or will not work for them and their extended family.  Each child finds the home that they are meant to be in!