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What is Parental Placement Adoption?

Parental placement is when the adoptive parents and the birth parent(s) seek out each other.  In this type of adoption, the law in Virginia requires that identifying information be shared.

However, any decision to maintain contact after the adoption occurs is totally the legal decision on the adoptive parents.

The Family Center of Hope specializes in parental placement adoption.  Careful guidelines for these adoptions have created a climate in which The Family Center of Hope, with its unique and comprehensive program, has been able to assist a significant number of families in adopting each year.  It is widely known that more birth parents choose parental placement adoption than any other type of adoption.

People choose parental placement for a variety of reasons.  When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, most birth parents feel responsible for finding the best parenting arrangement for the child.  Adoptive parents and birth parents are all actively involved in parental placement adoptions.  While sometimes initially hesitant, most adoptive parents come to value the benefits that parental placement offers.

The many protections built into the law are carefully regulated by the court system.  Services provided (and all fees for allowed services), are carefully monitored by the court.  One such law requires that prospective adoptive families complete a home study for parental placement adoption.  The Family Center of Hope provides that service.

Our program begins with optional training workshops that help you formulate your adoption plan.  We also provide on-going support during your search for the right child for you (see our web page in this site ‘Choosing the Right Child For You’).  Birth families are also supported and assisted in numerous ways as they make a parenting plan for the child.  Adoption counseling is a critical factor in these adoptions, and is available through The Family Center of Hope’s staff.  Support groups and linkages to other services are also available.

When birth parents request our services, we can give them information about prospective adoptive families whom have finished their home studies.  We also assist and allow families who’ve completed their home study to leave a ‘family album’ in our office with encouraging pictures and information that might appeal to a birth parent.  There is no additional fee for this service.  The Family Center of Hope not only assists with the mechanics on the adoption process, but also sensitively supports everyone during this critical period of their lives.

The Family Center of Hope offers many other adoption services.  Because each adoption is unique, your situation may require something in addition to, or different from, the above.  We are available to discuss, and when possible, to provide these services.  The Family Center of Hope attributes much of its success to these unique aspects of our program.  We pride ourselves in providing profession services that are also warm, personal, and tailored to each individuals needs.